Getting a Little Cultured – Places to Try Foreign Cuisine

It can be difficult to find a place that serves authentic, high quality foreign cuisine. Monroe is filled with places that accomplish just that, allowing you to broaden your horizons when it comes to food and giving you numerous options to try something new. The restaurants in the area range from Mexican to Italian to Thai, enabling you to select and dabble in extremely different cultures throughout the week.

Benjarong Thai Restaurant

One of the highest rated Thai food restaurants in the area and located on Highway 2, Benjarong, consistently provides customers with high quality, top notch meals. The lunch combos are reasonably priced and served in a timely manner. The staff at Benjarong are attentive, kind and always friendly, making the atmosphere relaxed and easy to enjoy. The recommended dish for all new tasters is the red curry, and although spicy, it is incredibly delicious, as are most of the dishes here.

Jeno’s Italian Restaurant

Jeno’s located on Main Street, has one of the best Italian menus in the area. Serving wonderful meals at incredible prices they keep customers coming back time and time again. The sauces on everything from pizzas to salads are nothing less than noteworthy. The large portions resemble those found in authentic old-school Italian homes, making anyone who comes from the culture feel like they are sitting around their grandparents table again. The dinner salad is a crowd favorite, topped with mozzarella, olives, croutons and of course their amazing salad dressing. The wonderful food and family feel makes Jeno’s definitely a place worthy of trying out.

Ixtapa Restaurant

This authentic Mexican restaurant located on State Route 2 is a local favorite. Upon entering the restaurant you will be immediately presented with a family friendly atmosphere that will make you want to visit again. The meals are consistent and are always served as you requested. The service is quick and the staff always makes you feel comfortable. Each table is given hot tortilla chips and salsa to start the meal with, which are said to taste both spicy and authentic. All of the meals will leave you feeling both satisfied and full, making it a place to go.

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