3 Clever Apps To Make You a Safer Driver

There have been many campaigns recently about the danger of using your phone while driving. However, there are several apps that can make you a safer driver through a variety of methods, from preventing you from fiddling with your phone to providing safe alternative routes. Some of these are designed for parents to install on their children’s phones, while others are for those who just want to stay safer on the road. The three apps below are just a few examples of the many available, but they will give you a great place to start looking!

Drive Beehive

Drive Beehive is a fun app that rewards good drivers for staying focused and not using their phones. Set up like a rewards program, the app signs each user up with a sponsor, who puts up a reward for safe driving. Once a driver gets enough points, the sponsor is notified so that they can proceed with the reward. Points are earned per mile the driver goes without looking at his or her phone, but if the user meddles with their phone even once while driving, they lose all their points and have to start over!

Drive Beehive is a fun tool for parents to incentivize their children to drive safe, with real-time tracking of safe driving. Sponsors aren’t built into the program — users and their sponsors know each other. It is a peer-to-peer reward system. It’s also a fun challenge for couples, friends, and family to challenge each other to drive safely! Drive Beehive is available on Android and Apple platforms and is free of charge.


Created to automatically detect driving, Zoomsafer works to decrease distractions while on the road to ensure safer driving. Zoomsafer engages a separate driving screen when the car begins to move that effectively blocks the driver from seeing incoming calls and messages, including emails or social media alerts. It completely disables the ability to retrieve messages or look at alerts and blocks driver from creating their own calls or messages.

However, Zoomsafer does include the ability to disable the app if the user is a passenger, and it has an emergency call button that can be engaged as needed. The app is available on both the iStore and Google Play. The app is free.

Drivesafe.ly Pro

Drivesafe.ly Pro has over 30 million users, making it among the most popular for safe driving, and it certainly deserves this following. The app reads incoming text messages aloud for drivers and allows them to safely respond by dictating a response. It also offers the same functions for emails, keeping the driver entirely hands-free but still able to communicate with the office or loved ones.

Drivesafe.ly has the capability to read and respond in a multitude of languages, making it a wonderful tool for those with bilingual or non-English speaking families. While there is a free version of the app, Drivesafe.ly Pro is absolutely superior to the free app and costs only $9.99.

These three apps are a great place to start when looking for clever driving apps that will keep you, your family, and your friends safe on the road.


Image via Pixabay