4 Top Tips to Keep Your Car Looking Brand New

Owning and driving a brand new car is one of the most rewarding experiences that a person can have. But once you drive it out of the lot, maintaining it so it looks the same way as it did on the first day should not be a tedious chore. These are a few simple steps for keeping your car looking new for years.

Avoid Sun Exposure

Sun exposure may be the most damaging factor to the exterior of your car. The easiest way to protect your vehicle from the sun is to park in the shade. It will prevent the exterior and dashboard from drying and cracking. Driving on a hot road with underinflated tires can be very dangerous, so checking tire pressure is a wise idea. Finally, make sure that the cooling system of the car is working properly, and the coolant and anti-freeze are replaced regularly.

Avoid Salted Roads

If you live in a city that gets a lot of snow, salted roads can be harmful to your car’s exterior. Always wash the car after long drives in the snow. Inspect the underside of the car to prevent rust and corrosion. The most affected parts of the car are the muffler, exhaust, and coil springs. If rust accumulates in these parts, it may disturb the normal operation of the whole car. It may even be a good idea to apply an undercarriage seal before winter starts.

Hand Wash the Car

If you are committed to keeping your car looking as new as possible, washing it often may be the most important step. Dust particles can seriously damage the paint on a car. It creates small cracks that deteriorate over time making it look dull.

Always try to hand wash your car regularly, and don’t wait until there is a thick layer of dirt on it. Before you start, look for any loose dirt deposits that you can remove with your hand. Use a mild detergent, as a stronger cleaner may take away the wax and damage the paint. Don’t move your hand in circles, as it may scratch the car. Use a different sponge for the wheels and tires than the rest of the car, because the wheels may have dirt or sand that may damage other parts of the vehicle.

Avoid Car Washes

While you should always wash your car, it’s best to avoid commercial car washes. Most of them use brushes that come in contact with the car, and they sometimes damage the paint. If using a car wash is necessary, ask the attendant what types of detergent they use and the purity of the water.

Once you buy a new car, it’s very important to maintain it so the car stays looking new for a long time. Keep an eye on the weather and other exterior conditions. Wash your car regularly and avoid harmful chemicals on the paint. If you follow these simple instructions, you will take a big step into making sure your cars looks new for years.


Image via Pixabay