4 Best Monroe Cafes for Your Coffee Fix

Whether you’re a caffeine addict or just looking for a quick pick-me-up, cafes are a popular location for many. Monroe, Washington, has a ton of different options for coffee and other treats. We’ve rounded up our top four favorite cafes in Monroe so you can plan your next coffee outing and get some extra pep in your step.


A consistent stream of customers gives Sharinabean’s a vibrant, bustling feel, but it still maintains the calm and comfortable feeling customers expect in a coffee shop. This delightful and cozy coffee shop is conveniently located near Monroe’s Sky River medical center, making it a favorite among both health workers and patient families.

Sharinabean’s offers both specialty coffee and your normal cafe fare so that customers have plenty to choose from! Customer favorites include the Butter Rum Silk Latte and Carmel Mocha, but there are lots of other options. The shop also sells cookies, cakes, and other pastries, plus some healthy offerings.

Paesano’s Coffee

Family-friendly and quiet, Paesano’s Coffee is a charming place to grab a small bite and a delicious cup of coffee to make your day a little bit brighter. Located at 14655 Fryelands Blvd Se, Paesano’s has a small seating area with super comfortable arm chairs and is a wonderful place to sit and catch up with friends or other loved ones.

You’ll see a beautiful lake across the street, and the location is pleasant and clean. Popular favorites include their drip coffee or mocha, which is often served with an additional flavor added in, such as Toasted Marshmellow or English Toffee.

Vinaccio Coffee

Vinaccio Coffee was established in 2013 and is one of the most popular coffee shops in its area. Featuring organic, free-trade coffee and tasty morning bites like breakfast paninis, Vinaccio is family-friendly and has both a drive-through and a large seating area where you can sit and relax.

Besides coffee, Vinaccio Coffee also sells delicious made-to-order smoothies and Italian smoothies, both of which are popular with younger patrons. There are a variety of fresh baked goods available, including poppy seed and pumpkin crumble muffins, which the baristas are excellent at matching with the shop’s many kinds of coffees. Vinaccio has both dark roast coffees as well as the ever-popular sweet, mixed coffees and espresso beverages.

Darci’s Dinky Donuts

Boasting some of the best donuts in Monroe, Darci’s Dinky Donuts is located at 301 N Lewis Street. Best known for their fabulous donuts, Darci’s also boasts outstanding biscuits and gravy, a unique offering that has earned them a loyal following. Darci’s has both seating room and a drive-through for speedy, convenient service.

All the drinks at Darci’s are hand-crafted, and all pastries are made in-store, guaranteeing you’ll get a hot, delicious donut. There are normal coffee flavors available, as well as delicious mixed drinks like pumpkin spice and vanilla lattes. Darci’s is normally busy, a tribute to their delicious fare, but customer service is clearly a priority at this small, family-owned venue.

These four places are just a few of the many coffee shops in Monroe, and all are delicious and worth a try!


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