Four Technology Features of the 2016 Dodge Dart

The Dodge Dart just got a lot more advanced. While this compact sedan has a good reputation for being speedy and thrifty on fuel, not many expect the Dart to be a technology wonderland of top-tier features. Prepare to discover a whole new side to the Dart.

Touchscreen and Hands-Free Infotainment

The available 8.4-inch HD touchscreen puts other automakers, who offer screens almost half that size, to shame. With large touch screen buttons, the system is easier than tapping and dragging the small app icons on a tablet or phone. However, if the tiny screens of smart phones have spoiled touchscreens for you, there’s optional Voice Command capability for Hands Free Calling and Voice Text Reply.

Diverse Connectivity Options

The 2016 Dodge Dart can connect with nearly anything you could think of except an 8-track player. The interior holds one remote USB port, one SD card slot, and an audio input jack, all standard. Bluetooth streaming connectivity is available, so any device, excluding Apple products, can hook up to your infotainment system. Play music and movies, upload navigation routes, and handle all your data transfer needs from whatever devices and methods are convenient. While other automakers drag their customers into the new age by phasing out features like USB ports and audio jacks, Dodge is content to let drivers connect whatever devices they please.

Powerful Radio and Music

Forget relying on ordinary AM/FM radio. The number one reason to opt for the 8.4-inch HD infotainment screen is the included one year of SiriusXM Satellite Radio. Over 175 high-quality channels of your favorite music genres, news, and entertainment are at your fingertips. But SiriusXM isn’t just great for listening to tunes on the daily commute. With the included SiriusXM Travel Link, you can stay on top of weather concerns, check for the best fuel prices in your current area, and even see up-to-the-minute movies listings and sports scores.

The audio system for the 2016 Dodge Dart has lots of options to meet your needs. The base model is a four-speaker system that’s economical and provides good-quality sound focused on the driver. Maximize the possibilities, and you get the 506-watt Alpine sound system delivering every note and tone with the precision and authenticity of a concert hall.

Turn Your Dart Into a Hotspot

These days everyone is connected and busy. The available Mopar web capability lets you turn your 2016 Dodge Dart into a speedy mobile Wi-Fi hotspot powerful enough to serve a small business. The signal delivers high-speed Internet access for multiple devices at a maximum range of 150 feet. Let the kids play games or watch videos, or run a mobile office for your on-the-road business.

These features and others show why Dodge calls the Dart “The Ultimate Mobile Device”. What’s more since most of these features are not standard, you aren’t forced to go very far beyond the $17,000 starting MSRP by accepting every feature. For information, to schedule a test drive, or just to say hello and get your questions answered, stop by our lot, email us, or call us.

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