5 Best Places to Go Off-Roading in Washington State

If you’ve outfitted your car with all the latest mods and features or you own an SUV capable of handling harsh conditions, then it’s time to set out and find an awesome off-roading experience. If you live in or are planning to visit Washington, you’re in luck, as the state is home to lots of off-roading trails for drivers with varying experience. Here are some of the best places to go for a weekend excursion to test your off-roading skills.

Walker Valley ORV

Located in Mount Vernon, Washington, Walker Valley ORV is just a 70-mile drive north of Seattle. Once you arrive, you’ll see the majestic Cascade Mountains, beckoning you to take your off-road vehicle through tough mountain terrain. Day passes are only $11.50, and an annual pass is $35, which pays for itself in just three visits.

Evan’s Creek ORV

This gem an hour and a half southeast of Seattle offers 20 miles of tree-lined trails located at foothills of the Cascades. As you climb up to 5,600 feet in elevation, you’ll get spectacular views of Mount Rainier. However, take notice of the condition of the trails, as they’re technically difficult during the rainy season. During other parts of the season, Evan’s Creek is a challenging course for anyone from beginners to seasoned veterans.

Naches Pass Trail

Go east 90 miles from Seattle and you’ll find the Naches Pass Trail, located smack dab in the middle of Mount Rainier National Park. The trail features two distinct passes, one that is sloppier and steeper as it transcends through the mountainous terrain. On the other side, the trail descends into a valley but is much easier to traverse. If you feel the urge, you also can get a pass from the ranger station and take in the amazing stars while you camp overnight.

Manastash Ridge ORV

About two hours southeast of Seattle lies Manastash Ridge ORV. What makes Manastash Ridge well worth the trip is that it features over 100 miles of picturesque trails. It also has tons of different landscapes including valleys, mountains, meadows, rock fields, and rolling hills. The lack of significant mountainous terrain makes Manastash Ridge the perfect place for first-time off-roaders.

Rimrock Lake — Ahtanum Area

Part of the Mount Baker Snoqualmie National Forest, the Rimrock Lake — Ahtanum area has over 100 miles of trails for four-wheel drive vehicles and ATVs. Make sure you plan your trip accordingly, as the area is only open from May to December each year. During the off-season, the trails become impassable but are perfect for snowmobiles. Because there are so many trails and it’s four hours from Seattle, you may also want to consider a weekend camping trip in this beautiful area of Washington.

The biggest problem in choosing an off-roading trail in Washington is the seemingly endless amount of variety. Because the trails encompass dozens of landscapes and a variety of difficult travels, it would take years to go through them all. But once you’ve decided on one, just make sure to stay safe.


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