5 Fun Things to Do in Monroe, Washington

Monroe is a small town that sits along Washington’s Cascade Loop, which means there’s plenty to say in its favor in terms of beautiful scenery. A town lives on more than just appearances, though. If you feel like making Monroe a pit stop on your travels, or if you’re a native looking for something new to try, here are a few things you can do in town.

The Evergreen State Fair

Held every year during the second half of August and into September, the Evergreen State Fair is the largest county fair in Washington, and it takes place right here in Monroe. The Evergreen State Fair features all the usual fair attractions, including carnival rides, plenty to eat, and plenty of contests to enter. It also includes a rodeo, car races, animal races, a petting zoo, and a logging show.

The Reptile Zoo

Just off of US-2 is the Reptile Zoo, a place where kids and adults can see the biggest collection of reptiles in the Pacific Northwest, including the headlining Baskar, the albino alligator. Along with housing exhibits for a wide variety of snakes, turtles, and other reptiles, the Reptile Zoo also offers its visitors the opportunity to handle some of its animals in certain areas.

The Evergreen Speedway

When it’s not taking part in the Evergreen State Fair activities, the Evergreen Speedway is a NASCAR track that features regular races throughout the year. Just about every Saturday outside of winter you’ll find a race going on, including local races, national races, and even drift races and demolition derbies. Or, if you prefer the idea of getting behind the wheel yourself, the Speedway also takes part in the Rusty Wallace Racing Experience and ride along activities.

Dreadnought Brewing

This local brewery is dedicated to creating fine craft beers for locals and visitors alike to enjoy. In addition to selling its beverages, Dreadnought also offers beer tastings and quality food to anyone who stops by. Craft sodas are also available for children and those who prefer not to drink alcohol. Dreadnought only opened its doors in 2015, making it a good reason to stop by again if you haven’t been to Monroe lately.

Paula’s Wine Knot Beer and Wine Bar

The owners of this unusual bar and entertainment venue, Paula and Jim, started by purchasing the old Monroe River Valley Farm and proceeded to repurpose the historic Monroe Slaughter House into a modern late night spot. Here visitors can enjoy a variety of beers and wines along with an even wider variety of bands, comedians, and other performers. The building’s history as a slaughterhouse has been carefully preserved by its new owners, providing a somewhat scary vibe which adds to the atmosphere.

Monroe may be smaller than your average city, but there’s plenty for everyone to see and do no matter how old they are or how they prefer to spend their time. Anyone who breezes through this town while driving the Cascade Loop is missing out on a lot of fun.


Image via Pixabay

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