5 Ways to Increase Your Car’s Life

Are you looking for a car that will last a long time? If so, you should understand that your vehicle’s lifespan largely depends on how you care for it. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a car for the short term or one that will last for many years to come. You have to care for it properly if you want it to last. Here are five ways to increase your car’s lifespan.

Service by the Book

Many people never crack open their car’s user manual, but if you do, you’ll find a maintenance schedule that tells you exactly when you need to service each item. Take that plan and create a real-time schedule for yourself with details on when to change oil, check fluids, and perform other routine maintenance. Then, all you need to do is complete each of these tasks on time. By taking the time to create a schedule, you’ll have a better chance of keeping up on maintenance and extending the life of the engine.

Maintain the Tires

Although tires are a key component of any vehicle, many people neglect to add them to their regular maintenance list. Don’t let yourself make this a mistake. If you make sure your tires are properly inflated on a regular basis and have them rotated routinely, you’ll extend their life. These simple checks also ensure that your car achieves optimal fuel efficiency and has the smoothest ride.

Clean Regularly

Cleaning your car regularly does more than make your car look good. When you clean your car of accumulated debris and dirt and use protective cleaners, you’ll actually extend the life of your vehicle’s interior features. Dirt and grime wear down your interior much more than you might think.

Don’t Drive Aggressively

You might not realize that the way you drive your car has any effect on general wear and tear, but it does. If you’re conscious of the way you accelerate and brake, you’ll be easier on your engine than if you simply stomp on the gas and brakes. Treat your engine right and it’s likely to last much longer.

Avoid Driving in Short Spurts

It’s easy to assume that your vehicle doesn’t have a preference for the number or length of trips you make, but in reality it does. Avoid taking your car out on multiple errands and frequently starting and stopping it with a cold engine. Instead, try to plan all of your errands for a single trip that allows you to warm your engine properly. Keep your engine warm throughout the drive, and your engine will respond better in the long run.

You’ll find numerous cars on the market with reputations for lasting a long time. Most, however, won’t last as long as predicted without regular care and maintenance. If you want your car to last a long time, follow these tips for establishing a regular vehicle maintenance schedule, routinely caring for your car inside and out, and modifying your driving behavior in a more thoughtful way.

Image via Rairdon’s of Monroe