6 Ways to Protect Your Car From Thieves

Whether you’re driving in the Monroe area or traveling across the state, you’re not immune to vehicle theft. Protect yourself and your vehicle from car thieves by following these six steps.

Lock Your Car

Locking your vehicle might seem like common knowledge, but many people forgo this step for a variety of reasons. If you feel like you live in a safe neighborhood or if you park your car in a secured garage, for example, locking the doors might seem unnecessary. Since thieves can be unpredictable, it’s important to take the necessary steps to secure your vehicle. Rather than taking a chance, make a point of locking the doors every time you step out of the car.

Don’t Hide a Key

Maybe you have a bad habit of losing your keys, or maybe you simply want the security of knowing that you can get into your car at any time. Placing a hidden key on your vehicle, however, doesn’t offer increased security. In fact, many thieves are already aware that drivers do this, and thieves know where to look for hidden keys. Remember that if you can hide a key on your vehicle, a thief can easily find it and drive away in your car.

Don’t Leave the Car Running

Whether you leave your car running for a few seconds or a few minutes, you make it easy for a car thief to hop in and drive away with your vehicle. Even when the weather is terrible or when you think you’ll just have to step away for a second, never leave your car running while unattended.

Don’t Park in the Dark

Whenever you have a choice of parking spots, avoid leaving your vehicle in an unlit area. Parking spaces that aren’t properly illuminated can be prime locations for thieves to sneak up under the cover of darkness. When the light levels are low, a car thief can easily make off with your belongings or steal the car itself without being seen.

Don’t Leave Valuables in Plain View

Whether or not thieves want to steal your vehicle, they might be tempted to take belongings that you leave in plain view. Make a point of never leaving items like smartphones, laptops, wallets, or other valuables in plain sight. This rule of thumb applies whether you lock your vehicle or not. After all, leaving an attractive item out in the open might prompt a thief to break in regardless of the circumstances.

Install an Alarm

A car with a working alarm will automatically deter anyone who considers stealing your vehicle. Most thieves know to look for alarms, and the last thing they want to do is to alert everyone in the vicinity to a break-in. For one of the most effective deterrents, install a car alarm and remember to set it every time you leave the car.

Although none of these methods guarantees that a thief will not steal your car, they’re all smart steps in the right direction. When it comes to protecting your car, these deterrents go a long way.

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