Annual Food Festivals Around Monroe

Food is one of those things that’s central to the human experience, and the taste of something amazing is hard to describe in words to someone who’s never tried it. Fall and the annual harvest are the traditional times to hold food festivals, and both Monroe and the rest of the Seattle, Washington area have plenty to celebrate when it comes to food.

The Evergreen State Fair

While the Evergreen State Fair isn’t just a celebration of food, it’s hard to argue that food doesn’t play a role considering all the livestock and produce competitions, not to mention the food contests that include salsa, chili, apple pie, and fried chicken. State fairs are also great excuses to try some of the unusual (and almost certainly unhealthy) food you can find at the concessions stands. Aside from all the food, you’ll also get to enjoy carnival rides, races on the Evergreen Speedway, live entertainment, and an equestrian park.

The Evergreen State Fair takes place on the fairgrounds in Monroe throughout the last week before Labor Day. Tickets at the gate for adults are $12, with an extra $10 to pay for parking in a fairgrounds lot. Tickets for the carnival rides cost extra, but you can get a wristband for unlimited rides for between $25-$30 depending on when you buy it.

Bacon Eggs and Kegs

Bacon Eggs and Kegs is a beer festival that takes place in south Seattle on the last weekend of August. Drinks include local beers, ciders, and unique bloody mary mixes. Local eateries both fancy and food truck also take part in the celebration at the Centurylink Field North Plaza between 11 am and 3 pm. Proceeds from the festival go to benefit local organizations, so don’t hold back.

The Cider Swig

The Cider Swig is a relatively young festival which brings together ciders both hard and soft (but mostly hard) from around Washington and Oregon for tasting. Along with the ciders, you can also take part in an apple pie contest, listen to live music and enjoy some of the local cuisines of Gig Harbor. You can also bring your kids along with you because the festival also has activities suitable for kids 12 and under along with young adults under the age of 21.

The Cider Swig takes place on the last Saturday of September from 12 to 5 pm. You can find Gig Harbor southwest of Seattle and northwest of Tacoma along WA-16. Regular ticket prices range from $28-$35 depending on how early you buy them, plus more for extra tasting tokens, or you can get a $10 Designated Driver ticket which gives you full access to everything except the hard ciders.

A food festival is a great excuse to try something new, and the months of August to October are packed with food and harvest festivals that take place all around Monroe. Whether you’d like to experience all the entertainment of a fall state fair or a smaller event that celebrates Washington’s annual apple harvest, you’ll have plenty of opportunities in the Seattle area.

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