Best Diners Around Monroe

When you have a craving in Monroe, you’re lucky to live near some of Washington State’s best eateries. These local diners serve up hot, filling meals and cold drinks that are sure to hit the spot.

Adam’s Northwest Bistro & Brewery

For some upscale Pacific Northwest cuisine, head to Adam’s Northwest Bistro & Brewery on North Lewis Street. Serving up fresh, organic, and seasonal foods, Adam’s focuses on scratch-made meals with simple flavors that keep the locals coming back for more. In fact, Chef Adam specializes in what he calls “old world methods,” meaning that he isn’t afraid to cure his own meats, make cheese, and otherwise can, cure, smoke, and age ingredients until they’re perfectly suited to his recipes.

Just some of the foods you can expect to find at Adam’s include his specialty burger with house bacon, pork chops from Carlton Farms, ribeye steak, short ribs, and seafood stew. Be sure to save some room for dessert, as the chef whips up a delicious crème brule. You’ll also want to enjoy a cool brown ale, porter, or copper ale from the brewery.

Benjarong Thai Restaurant

For a great curry, head to Benjarong Thai Restaurant on US-2. Touted as the best Thai food outside of Seattle, this eatery showcases a fine balance of flavors in every traditional meal. Enjoy favorites such as golden cashew chicken, yellow curry, basil tofu, pad see-ew, pad thai, bah mee, and fried rice. All dishes can be made vegetarian, and gluten-sensitive options are available.

For dinner, the menu at Benjarong Thai Restaurant expands to include appetizers, soups, desserts, and house specials. You don’t want to miss out on the lemongrass chicken, panang halibut, pot stickers, and prawn rolls. Round out the meal with black sticky rice or mango ice cream for dessert, and you’ve taken part in the authentic Thai experience.

Main Street Café

If you’re in the mood for a true diner-style experience, Main Street Café serves up homemade breakfast, soups, sandwiches, and pastries to the locals. This cozy little café features a friendly staff, comfortable atmosphere, and delicious food. The early bird breakfast special will fill you up on eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, home fries and toast, or you can opt for the massive plate of biscuits and gravy, a veggie omelet, or French toast.

For lunch, Main Street Café offers some of the area’s best burgers and sandwiches, accompanied by large steak fries. Just be sure to save room for some homemade cinnamon rolls.

The Dashing Dutchman’s Deli

Locals who want a great cup of coffee, a full breakfast menu and deli-style sandwiches head to The Dashing Dutchman’s Deli on North Kelsey Street. Meal times can be busy, but patience pays off when you’re served up large portions, unique soups of the day, gourmet sandwiches, and coffee shop espresso. Despite how crowded the deli tends to get, service is prompt and efficient, so stop on by for a hearty meal.

No matter your food preferences, Monroe offers incredible diners, delis, cafes, and bistros that dazzle your palate. The next time you’re hungry, check out one of these local favorites.

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