Dodge Challenger: America’s Most Popular Muscle Car for June

Dodge Challenger: America’s most popular muscle car for the month of June.

It’s an argument as old as time, well as old as automotive time anyway, who is the king of the muscle car? Ford, Dodge, Chevy, and others, have been vying for the title of king of the muscle car since the 1950’s.

I’m sure I’ve already started stirring up arguments among classic car enthusiasts. The rebirth of classic muscle cars in the modern era has kept this argument alive at Rairdon’s Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram of Monroe. We love these heated, but friendly, discussion about our favorite muscle cars. It may officially be football season in America, but it is always horse-power season at Rairdon’s Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram of Monroe.

The Numbers for June

The numbers are in and the Dodge Challenger is top dog. According to an online report, the Dodge Challenger has been listed as the #1 sold muscle car in America, the #1 sold sports car, and the #1 2-door car in North America for June 2017.

Our team at Rairdon’s Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram of Monroe aren’t just sales people, we are Dodge enthusiasts. Any chance we get to boast about the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, and the Challenger SRT Demon, we will.

We’ve always known that the Dodge Challenger was a great vehicle with power and torque that lived true to its predecessors while embracing modern engineering and aerodynamic design. Over the years it hasn’t been the top selling muscle car, sometimes bested by the Ford Mustang and the Chevy Camaro, but over time the public is starting to see the pure perfection that we at Rairdon’s Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram of Monroe see in the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, and the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon.


6,605 Dodge Challengers Sold in June

It was reported that 6,605 Dodge Challengers were sold in June 2017. The Ford Mustang reported a major drop in sales, only selling 6,186 units, and the Chevy Camaro reported that sells fell to a disappointing 4,691.

Ford Motor Company has a lot of work to do in order to address the continued decline in second-half sales numbers. In 2016 the Ford motor company took a 17% decline in units sold during the same time of year. This second-half decline in sales has followed them again into 2017, while Dodge Challenger sales remains very consistent.


Dodge Challenger Demon Beats Bugatti Veyron in Quarter Mile

So what are some of the things that have been separating the Dodge Challenger from its competition that are allowing it to maintain its sales figures while it’s competition continues to plummet? Some of that success could certainly be attributed to the new Dodge Challenger Demon, which bested the Bugatti Veyron in a ¼ mile. The Dodge Challenger Demon claimed the title of fastest production car in American in the 0-100 category. It also claimed the titles of fastest acceleration of any production car, and fastest ¼ mile of any production car. For us classic muscle and ¼ mile enthusiasts, those are some real impressive numbers.


All Wheel Drive Dodge Challenger

Another factor in continued steady sales of the Dodge Challenger could be attributed to the available AWD options. While it’s fun to have some power under the hood, in the fall and winter months of the Pacific Northwest we often find our muscle cars sitting in the shop waiting for the sunny season. The available option of AWD certainly improves control and drivability during inclement weather. As we move into the second half of the sales year the prospect of purchasing a RWD Mustang through the fall and winter is certainly less than appealing, and the Dodge Challenger AWD option may be a key factor in their steady sales numbers through these months.

As the battle between these American Muscle titans continues on through the end of the year, we will be watching the numbers closely at Rairdon’s Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram of Monroe. We anticipate the great sales numbers to continue through the year. Our prediction is that the Dodge Challenger will claim this year’s title of Best-Selling American Muscle Car of 2017.

For more information on the Dodge Challenger, the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, or the Dodge Challenger Demon, come down to Rairdon’s Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram of Monroe and schedule a test drive with our award winning customer service and sales team today.

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