Dodge Demon – Why It Will Own Your Soul

Being one of the most powerful production cars ever made, we are incredibly excited about the 2018 SRT Dodge Demon. Being privy to a very unusual PR and Marketing campaign, from January to April, Dodge slowly “leaked” some of the best features seen in this amazing car. Featuring impressive power and performance, this new Dodge car is even faster than the current Hellcat that’s on the market. Intrigued yet? Below are all the reasons why we know the 2018 SRT Dodge Demon will own your soul.

Reason #1: 626,388 Watts of Power

What exactly does that mean? The all-powerful engine generates a whopping 840-horsepower. To put things even more into perspective, the current Dodge Hellcat only generates 707-horsepower.

Reason #2: 770 lb-ft of Torque

Between featuring the highest horsepower ever seen in a production car along with the impressive torque, the 2018 Demon is now the fastest and most powerful production car on the market.

Reason #3: 6.2-liter HEMI Demon V8 Engine

All of that power and performance is packed into a supercharged engine. More than half of the engine components differ from that of the Dodge Hellcat engine, which to-date has been the fastest and most powerful production car on the market.

Reason #4: 2.3 Seconds

That’s all that it takes to make the Demon go from 0-60 mph. Do you know how fast that is? That’s even faster than it takes for a home run to leave the ballpark in baseball. Are your jaws dropping yet?

Reason #5: 1.8 G

According to Dodge, the 2018 Demon has the highest G-force for a production car. What does that mean? G-force is how far the car pushes you back into your seat upon acceleration. And 1.8 is pretty impressive (and yes, it’s still legal).

Reason #6: 3 Different Driving Modes

For a customized experience, Dodge engineers built the Demon with three drive modes: Auto (Street), Drag, and Custom. Driving a Dodge has never been better.

Reason #7: Exclusive Trans Brake

Being the first-ever production car to feature a trans brake means that the 2018 Demon has quicker power delivery along with higher engine launch torque potential. Utilizing steering wheel paddle shifters as the launch trigger, the Demon sees a 30-percent faster reaction time than traditional brake launches.

Reason #8: Street-Racing Machine

All muscle cars are designed to share one common goal: deliver top performance. Noting all of the above specifications, it’s definitely safe to say that Dodge’s engineers had one thing on their mind. They built this performance car with drag racing in mind.

Reason #9: Less Than $100K

While the cost is still TBD, we do know that it will be well under $100,000, which is good news. This dream performance car will actually be affordable.

And those are just some of the key specifications and features that you’ll see in the 2018 SRT Dodge Demon. At the end of the day, the 2018 SRT Dodge Demon is definitely a force to be reckoned with.


Photo by GabboT | Licensed under cc BY-SA 2.0

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