Don’t Miss These 3 Spots on US Highway 2

You’re in desperate need of a getaway. You haven’t had much of a break from the craziness of life since around Christmas, the kids are out of school for the summer, and the beautiful weather is practically begging you to spend some well-deserved time outdoors. But maybe you don’t have the money or the time for an extended, faraway dream vacation. And that’s okay; in Washington, you don’t have to go too far to escape the hustle, bustle, and stress of everyday life.

Fuel up and get ready to take a cruise down US Highway 2. We promise that you’ll catch sight of some of the most beautiful places in the nation and still be home in time for work. Here are three spots you can’t afford to miss on your drive down Highway 2.

Deception Falls National Recreation Area

After some time driving in the beauty of the Cascades, you’ll want to get out and stretch your legs a bit.  Deception Falls National Recreation Area is a great place to do that. The Area features a trail that takes you along Deception Creek and past the unique, multi-tiered falls that drop into the creek and slam into a wall before making a strange, 90-degree turn and continuing onward. The trail wraps around to take you right back to your car.

You can stick around and have a relaxing lunch at one of the many picnic tables. The spray from the rapidly moving creek will also cool you off during a hot summer day.


You don’t have to go across the ocean to get a foreign taste when you have a quaint Bavarian village in your backyard. Whether you’re passing through the area or staying for a peaceful weekend getaway, Leavenworth is a great place to visit . While you’re here, you can expand your palette on a wine-tasting tour or fulfill your sense of adventure with a river-rafting day trip. The surrounding wilderness also welcomes hiking, biking, fishing, and rock climbing.

If you’re planning on staying the night, check out the Leavenworth Summer Theater, which features outdoor performances set against a breathtaking backdrop.

Dry Falls

Now that you’ve seen the lively Deception Falls, you can’t pass up the chance to compare that to the site of ancient, dried-up falls that dwarf Deception. The 3.5-mile arc of Dry Falls is a set of 400-feet-high cliffs that once created waterfalls over ten times larger than Niagara Falls, making them the largest waterfalls in the world. These ancient falls once flowed into the Columbia River. Standing on the edge of this natural marvel and picturing what it must have been like will give you a precious, take-your-breath-away kind of moment.

You deserve, at the very least, a weekend getaway. Find a moment to take a deep breath, clear your thoughts, and experience the beauty that surrounds you here in Washington. Worried that your car may not be able to make the cruise? Bring it in to get serviced at Rairdon CDJ of Monroe!


Photo by Jonathan Miske | Licensed under cc BY-SA 2.0

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