Everything We Know About the 2018 Dodge Demon

Dodge is known for making impressive muscle cars. It has a long history of making them synonymous with the muscle car industry, and they consistently outperform competitors. The recent revamp to the Dodge Charger and Challenger models raised their performance and style considerably. However, that is not the end of the line for the Challenger. Dodge has taken it a step further with a new model that has been kept secret for a while. Production is nearly finished and some of the details are starting to come out. If you are into muscle cars, then you have probably heard of it. Here’s everything that we know about the 2018 Dodge Challenger Demon.

It Looks Like a Drag Racer

Although Dodge has not released a single comprehensive photo of the Demon, spy photos show that it looks more like a customized drag racer than a Challenger. It has many of the markings of a customized drag racer like exposed rivets and a redesigned front end. It still has many of the unmistakable Challenger markings but is designed to look like it belongs on a race track rather than on the streets. This is an acknowledgment by Dodge that many of its customers love to customize their cars. Dodge Challengers are big competitors in the custom race market with Dodge and other leading manufacturers selling race-specific cars that are not street legal.

It IS Street Legal

Despite its custom racer heritage look, reports show that the Dodge Demon is street legal. This is a huge deal for Dodge. Many of the initial reports and photos led many to believe that it would be added to the race-only line of vehicles that Dodge sells. They are sold without VIN numbers making them illegal to drive on normal roads. The Demon has all the equipment and registrations required to be an everyday driving vehicle, which is a huge benefit for muscle car enthusiasts.

It IS a Racing Vehicle

While it is true that some personal modifications may make a Demon illegal for regular road use, the factory-built Demon is a street-legal race car. The biggest issue that racers regularly encounter is having street legal tires. The Demon is shipped from the factory with four street-legal racing tires as well as two thinner drag racing tires for the front end. Reports show that Dodge designed it so that racers can drive themselves to the race in their street-legal racer, then change the tires for the race, and drive home after switching back. This is a benefit for drag racers since they would no longer need a trailer to get to races.

The Demon promises to be a high-quality, game-changing addition to the Challenger line. Dodge pulled out all the stops to make it a drag racing special, including removing most of the extra weight by extracting unnecessary parts. It comes from the factory ready to win races. If you’re into drag racing muscle cars, you’ll want to keep an eye out for the 2018 Dodge Demon when it comes out.


Image via Pixabay

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