Five Safety Features of the 2016 Jeep Wrangler

People know the Jeep Wrangler. The classic look is compact and geometric, but you’d be surprised how the 2016 Wrangler has a safety edge over many other compact SUVs and cars. From the tough, crumple-resistant body to intelligent, active security, here are five reasons you can rest easy when driving the latest Wrangler.

Sentry Key

The Sentry Key system is much more than a convenient remote keyless entry feature. Sentry Key’s anti-theft engine immobilizer checks whether your original manufacturer key is turning the ignition by checking for a sensor within the key fob. If the sensor isn’t detected, the ignition will fail to turn. This counters hot wiring but also protects you from a thief who’s had access to your key in the past. Sentry Key is as convenient as it is safe. Holding the key fob, you can lock or unlock your doors, and operate the lift gate flip window from up to 50 feet away.

Near-Invincible Structure

While most modern vehicles aim for a smooth, aerodynamic body that is practically silent from the lack of wind resistance, Jeep refuses to compromise on the firm corners of its boxy frame. High-strength steel throughout the B-pillar and floor improves side-impact resilience and overall stiffness. For intense offroading, the fuel tank is mid-mounted, held with wide frame rails, and protected by a skid plate. All of these features, on top of the high clearance, mean that climbing rocky hillsides poses no threat to the undercarriage.

Electronic Stability Control+

All modern vehicles have electronic stability control, a system designed to control the throttle and brakes in tight situations to improve tire traction. However, the Electronic Stability Control+ in the Wrangler has other features. Electronic Roll Mitigation applies the proper braking force to reduce the chance of a rollover in a bad spin or turn. Particularly impressive is the optional All-Speed Traction Control, designed to give protection in all gears and speeds that are typically only accessible at high velocity.

Trailer Sway Control

Whether you take jet skis to a boat ramp or haul firewood from a cage trailer, towing is a driving skill most people haven’t mastered. The better the trailer behaves with the towing vehicle, the safer everyone will be. Fortunately, the 2016 Wrangler now has Trailer Sway Control, a companion feature to the advanced electronic stability controls. Once the Electronic Stability Control+ system engages, your trailer will stay securely on course behind you, with compensating motions from the Wrangler reducing the chance of the trailer veering left or right.

Best-in-Class Air Bag Protection

Some air bags inflate quickly, reaching their peak force at the exact time that occupants push against them. However, this old style of air bag can put unnecessary force on a driver or passenger, during crashes at mid to low speeds. The multi-stage front air bag system in the 2016 Wrangler matches the force of the bag deployment to fit the speed at which the occupant is moving mid-crash.

Apart from All Speed Traction Control, every feature on this list is standard for all trim levels of the 2016 Jeep Wrangler. If you’d like to test drive a Wrangler, or are curious about other vehicles, visit our show room or contact us.

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