A Look at the Brand New 2017 Chrysler Pacifica

The year 2016 may still be young, but for Chrysler it’s time to present a brand new vehicle for the 2017 model year: the Pacifica. While the Pacifica name was used for a few years in the aughts by a crossover SUV, the new 2017 Pacifica is a brand new minivan with a brand new concept.

More Than a Generation Gap

Ongoing vehicles usually go through generational shifts every 5 to 10 years where they’re almost completely redesigned in terms of looks, specs, and features. However, when it came time to redesign the classic minivan — the Chrysler Town and Country — the company instead decided to drop the old name and bring in a new one, the Pacifica, to make it clear that this is more than just a redesign — it’s an entirely new minivan.

A New Shape

While the old Town and Country minivan was fairly easy to describe as “conservative,” the new 2017 Pacifica has a more modern appearance reminiscent of the similar design choices Chrysler made for its 200 and 300 sedans. The body shape and size are still fairly similar to its predecessor, as is the total cargo volume with both rear seat rows folded down. However, the Pacifica’s real innovations aren’t in the shape so much as the technology.

A New Interior

Chrysler’s capable Stow n’ Go seats are still very much present in the Pacifica, but they’ve become much easier to use. The front row now moves forward with just the press of a button, making it that much faster and easier to stow the second row. The third row is now completely automated. In addition, the Pacifica features a Stow n’ Vac vacuum that’s directly integrated into the vehicle and can reach every last corner. It’s expected that this vacuum will lead the sector in power.

A New Engine

While you can get a 2017 Pacifica with a regular gasoline engine, your alternative is the world’s first hybrid minivan engine. This engine comes with a powerful lithium-ion battery, which can manage up to 30 miles on electric power alone with an 80 MPGe rating. While minivans have been growing more fuel-efficient as the model years go by, it’s a guarantee that you’ve never seen a minivan as efficient as the 2017 Pacifica hybrid.

New Technology

Rear seat entertainment systems have been around for years now, both for minivans and for SUVs, but this may be the first time that a rear entertainment system has come with 10-inch touchscreens fully integrated with the Pacifica’s Uconnect entertainment system. These screens don’t just connect to your mobile devices, they can host and run apps of their own, making them much more tech-forward.

With all the new changes in design and technology available to the Pacifica, it’s no wonder that Chrysler decided that a name change was in order. Chrysler invented the minivan back in 1984, and with the Pacifica they’ve shown that they aren’t just devoted to keeping the torch going in an era of SUVs, they’re also ready to bring the minivan into the new millennium.


Image via Chrysler.com