Looking for Performance? Try the 2017 Dodge Charger

When Dodge brought back the modern Charger in 2006, muscle car enthusiasts when wild. The iconic car that helped forge a name for Dodge as one of the premier sports car brands was back after nearly 20 years away from the market. In 2017, the seventh generation of the Dodge Charger comes back for its sixth year with the looks, amenities, and power you’ve grown to love. If you’re in search of a performance-based driving machine this year, there’s no better choice than the 2017 Dodge Charger. Here are just a few reasons to consider it for your next vehicle purchase.

The Pentastar 3.6-Liter Engine

One of the best aspects of the 2017 Dodge Charger is it has an engine for every taste and driving style. If you opt for the stock engine, don’t fret. It still comes with a hearty, 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 that’s capable of 292 horsepower and up to 260 pound-feet of torque. The Rallye package ups this number to 300 horsepower and 264 pound-feet of torque. With this at the helm, the Dodge Charger goes from zero to 60 in only 6.2 seconds while topping it out at a remarkable 140 mph.

The 5.7-Liter HEMI V8

For drivers who want to feel the pure performance of an HEMI, the Charger delivers. Providing even more power than the 3.6, the 5.7-liter V8 offers a whopping 370 horsepower and up to 395 pound-feet of torque. It’s standard on the Charger R/T and the Daytona models, and you’ll definitely feel the upgrade as soon as you get behind the wheel.

The 392 HEMI V8

While it’s likely that the 5.7-liter V8 is more than enough power for most drivers, it’s still not enough for others. That’s when the 392 HEMI comes into play. Available on the Charger R/T Scat Pack, Daytona 392, and SRT 392, this engine boasts an impressive 485 horsepower and up to 475 pound-feet of torque. When you put the pedal to the floor, expect zero-to-60 times in the low 4-second range.

The Hellcat V8

If you can’t live without the biggest engine under the hood of your Charger, the Hellcat V8 is the prime choice. This 6.2-liter, supercharged engine provides insane power, offering an industry-leading 707 horsepower and up to 650 pound-feet of torque. With this engine, the Charger can ramp up from zero to 60 in only 3.4 seconds, rivaling super cars that are more than twice its price.

Handling and Performance

While having a mammoth engine definitely makes a sports car more fun to drive, it can’t join the truly legendary vehicles without the suspension and handling to back it up. However, these vehicles offer a smooth-shifting eight-speed automatic transmission that changes gears as well as a manual. Under the sheet metal, the Charger also gets a sports-tuned suspension, allowing it to tackle the toughest curves with superb response. While the Charger comes with standard rear-wheel drive, it also has available all-wheel drive to handle inclement weather.

When it comes to pure performance, there’s no better choice than the 2017 Dodge Charger. With a plethora of engine options, a smooth transmission, and excellent underpinnings, there’s no better sports car than this.

Image via Pixabay

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