Make Your Family Green in 2017 With the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

Most people make every effort to live eco-friendly lives. They recycle used objects, upcycle their favorite thrift-store finds, and turn off lights when they leave rooms. You can also make your family greener on the road, though, especially if you choose the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid as your daily driver.

Hybrid Technology Meets the Minivan

Many hybrid cars fall into the smallest classes, but Chrysler has brought hybrid technology to its minivan. It makes sense, of course, since Chrysler debuted the first minivan back in 1984. Now the automaker is setting the bar again with a hybrid minivan that doesn’t just make your family green — it also provides your crew with a comfortable, even luxurious, driving experience.

Most people who own minivans don’t drive many miles. They’re usually just running errands and picking up the kids from school. The low mileage requirements made the minivan an optimal choice for hybrid technology. The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid can travel 30 miles at a time on pure electricity.

Transporting Your Family in Style

Let’s face it: Minivans have gotten a bad rap over the years. When SUVs appeared on the scene, they stole some of the spotlight thanks to their sleeker profiles and more modern styling. However, if you look at the Chrysler Pacifica, you’ll wonder if you’re actually looking at a minivan.

It features a relatively low beltline that increases safety, as well as an SUV-inspired liftgate. The Hybrid version looks a little different in the front and has a charge port, but otherwise, it’s nearly identical to the non-hybrid version.

Taking Advantage of Plug-In Technology

As mentioned above, there’s a charge port under the fender that allows you to plug in your vehicle before you hit the road. If you head out with a full battery, the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid will default to battery power alone, unlike some hybrids. It’s called a “plug-in hybrid” for this reason, and it means extra energy savings when you don’t drive many miles.

For instance, if you need to pick up groceries at the supermarket in the morning, then visit the bank in the evening, you can charge your Pacifica between excursions. You might go weeks or more without using any gasoline at all. This fact makes the Pacifica Hybrid an excellent choice for people who want to be green and enjoy a minivan’s functionality.

Saving More at the Pump

Chrysler has devoted its resources to finding every inch of green potential in the Pacifica. For instance, the 18-inch wheels promote aerodynamics, which means that the engine doesn’t need as much power to maintain a specific speed. Its aerodynamic design will also help you save at the pump if you need to travel more than 30 miles at a time.

If you’re looking for a plug-in hybrid that the whole family will love, consider the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid. It sets the stage for a new breed of minivan that won’t earn drivers looks of derision from other consumers. In other words, maybe minivans are cool after all.

Image via Pixabay