Most Scenic Spots Near Monroe for a Sunday Drive

There is no denying that the area around Monroe is a beautiful place. Whether you want to plan a getaway with the family or take a spontaneous road trip, there are many scenic routes that you can visit. These are a few of the places where you can go if you want to take your car and explore the city.

Snoqualmie Falls

Snoqualmie Falls is one of Washington State’s most popular attractions. It is a 286-foot waterfall in the Snoqualmie River. Once there, you will find the Salish Lodge. The Lodge was built in 1919, and it was known as the Snoqualmie Falls Lodge. The structure of the building was remodeled in 1988, and the fireplace is the only part remaining of the original structure. The lodge is famous for its pancakes, which are made with a secret recipe.

Skykomish River Park

The Skykomish River Park is a 32-acre park, where you can find a lot of relaxing activities. Or, get active on your choice of three soccer fields, four baseball diamonds, and a walking trail. It is one of two community parks in Monroe. Bring the little ones and the four-legged members of the family too, since it has a children’s playground and a dog park.

Lord Hill Park

One of the best places to see Monroe’s natural beauty is Lord Hill Park. The park has 1,400 acres. It is one of the best places in the city to hike, ride your mountain bike, and discover some of the most unique species of plants and animals. If you feel like riding, the parking lot accommodates up to 25 horse trailers.

Spencer Island

Spencer Island is located in the Snohomish River Estuary, 16 miles from Monroe. Because of the unique ecosystem, it is an excellent place for bird watching. Some of the species to watch for are ducks, Canadian geese, mergansers, and green winged teals.

Mount Pilchuck State Forest

Mount Pilchuk State Park is a great place to experience some of Washington’s mountain wilderness. The park has 1,893 acres, and it is composed of mountain terrain and forests. Here is where you can take a panoramic look at the Cascades, after hiking the difficult 3-mile trail. Although it’s not an easy outdoor experience, it’s a rewarding trip.

Seattle Aquarium

If you are looking for a didactic trip with the whole family, the Seattle Aquarium is the perfect place. The aquarium, which is a 45-minute drive from Monroe, offers a variety of exhibits that will teach your kids the distinctive features of sea life. The aquarium is open every day from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Washington is a state where you can experience nature, and Monroe is a great place to start exploring it. Whether you prefer hiking, bird watching, or just experience the views with your family, there are a lot of options close to Monroe. These are only six of the many attractions that you can visit when you want to take a drive through the city.


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