Top 3 Modern Muscle Cars on the U.S. Market

Dodge has a long history of producing fast, aerodynamic muscle cars. Luckily, that tradition has continued into the present, with Dodge producing some of the most powerful vehicles on the U.S. market. Whether you are shopping around for a new or vintage muscle car, here are a few models you will probably find on the dealership lot.

1. Dodge Challenger

The 2016 Challenger is a hefty muscle car that has taken several design nods from its predecessors, so enthusiasts might be surprised to find many retro influences on this latest model that harken back to days long past. This classic American muscle car first debuted in 1959 as the Silver Challenger, which was a full-sized model that came only in silver.

The first official generation of the car wouldn’t follow until 1970 as a response to the Ford Mustang ponycar wave. It’s enjoyed three generations since then, cementing its reputation as a classic. The Challenger R/T Scat Pack is a particular favorite, being the fastest variety. Whether you prefer the Challenger’s many vintage varieties or you’re looking to splurge on the brand new, you can’t go wrong with this iconic car.

2. Dodge Charger SRT8 Super Bee

The brand new Charger enjoyed a design update with the 2015 model, but the Charger name has been used on everything from full-sized sedans to subcompact hatchbacks. It’s most known, however, as the sporty muscle car that first showcased in 1964. One of its most desirable models is the 2014 Charger SRT8 Super Bee, which offers a potent V8 engine, available all-wheel drive, and a smooth, well-controlled ride that’s perfect for enthusiasts.

SRT8 versions of the Charger have existed since 2005, all of which have provided powerful, legendary engines reminiscent of the muscle car era. The 2014 model is so widely sought after that you can expect to pay about $43,900, which is still a lot less than many pristine vintage models.

3. Charger SRT 392

Providing a smoking hot 485 horsepower on the 2015 model, the Dodge Charger SRT 392 is everything a modern muscle car should be. Retailing for $47,385, this sporty vehicle does not skimp on features. The SRT 392 boasts the largest brake package ever designed on a Dodge vehicle, and its high-performance handling is suited to all road conditions.

One of the best parts about this Charger? Being able to choose from a handful of driving modes that allow you to customize your driving experience. Want a sportier feel? You’ve got it! Want to customize the drive mode? No problem! The Charger SRT 392 draws upon everything we love about vintage muscle cars and packs on the new technology and aerodynamic design choices to create something that stands out from the rest of the pack.

Dodge continues to dominate the modern muscle car market by offering top-performing vehicles that draw upon retro-inspired styling and performance. Car enthusiasts wanting to grab a modern slice of the muscle car pie should seriously consider adding a late-model Dodge to their collection.


Image via Pixabay

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