Torrential Rain is Bad News in Monroe WA Area

We admit we need rain here, but too much at one time can be disastrous. Wet roads, flooding and mudslides all make for dangerous driving situations. If rain is in the forecast, we want to help you stay safe and protect your vehicle. We are Rairdon have tips for staying safe during torrential rains and flooding.

Tips For Driving in the Rain

It is best to stay off the roads when severe rain and flooding is reported. While it would be nice to avoid the roads altogether, sometimes we cannot. If you have to drive in the rain, remember a few important safety tips:

  • Slow down and put distance between yourself and the car in front of you
  • Do not make sudden movements such as panicked braking or steering
  • Turn your headlights on
  • Do not drive over downed power lines
  • Listen to the local radio station while you are driving
  • Avoid driving distractions

Flash Floods

Flash flooding is common in the area. Just a little bit of water can be dangerous. During a flash flood warning, remember:

  • It takes only 6 inches to sweep a car away
  • Do not drive into flooded areas
  • If you cannot see the road, don’t drive on it
  • Do not go around cones, detour signs, or road-closed signs
  • Have an evacuation route
  • If you can, wait until the storm passes and the water goes down.
  • Do not park near hills or at the base of an incline
  • If your vehicle is submerged, do not try to start it if it stalls. Doing so can damage the engine
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