How to Determine the Value of Your Vehicle

Are you looking to sell your Chrysler, Dodge, or Jeep in the future and want to gauge its current value? There are a few simple guidelines to getting an agreeable analysis of your vehicle that you can show to potential buyers. Use this to get the highest sale price from your vehicle.


Kelley Blue Book

For over 80 years, the Kelley Blue Book organization has categorized and researched vehicles to ascertain their value, and how age and other issues should affect that value. These days, you can use its website to get the most industry-accepted analysis of your vehicle’s worth. Just enter the make, model, year, and mileage, and you’ll get a series of questions about your vehicle’s trim level and the condition of various components and performance factors.


The Kelley Blue Book algorithm will provide a range of prices depending on your answers, and the features that came standard with your model. The website will also provide articles, reviews, photos, and other things that help you understand your vehicle even more. For instance, if you know a certain part has proven to be troublesome on the particular model year you own, you’ll know that getting it replaced could relieve buyer concerns. is a website similar to Kelley Blue Book, but is based entirely on market data. Once on its website, you enter the make, year, model, styling, exterior color, the mileage range, and your ZIP code. From that point, you choose the sale method you’re considering: a quick offer between you and another private individual, letting a dealership appraise the vehicle and buy it from you, or using paid ads on


Each method of sale will give not only different expected prices, but also different lengths of time until the sale is made, all based on other times that same model changed hands. It’s a good idea to try both Kelley Blue Book and, because if your exact vehicle has proven to sell at better values than what Kelley Blue Book lists, you can use that as precedent to accept a similar price. After all, it’s only fair to get paid what the market says your car is worth.


The Visual Factor

Often, the research mentioned above will be necessary when you try to sell a car, as the potential buyer will want to see a detailed breakdown of your model’s value based on the market and its specific condition and features. However, keeping your vehicle visually stunning will go a surprisingly long way as well.


In general, going to a body shop to address any glaring cosmetic issues will pay off with a higher sale price, but there’s also the time factor. If you want something done quickly, a wash and wax is always smart. Waxing makes your clean exterior shine and can help remove little blemishes to give the paint job a consistent finish.


With these tips in mind, you should have no problem getting the best possible value you can ask for when selling your car to another person or trading it in. If you’d like to make a trade with us for a newer Chrysler, Jeep, or Dodge vehicle, then contact us anytime.


Photo by pyntofmyld | Licensed under cc BY 2.0