Let’s Compare The Chrysler 300 To Its Competition

2020 Chrysler 300 front end black street

This is luxury personified – the Chrysler 300. There is nothing quite like it in Western Washington.

The Chrysler 300 offers a lot more than you think. This classic sedan offers a combination of luxury and performance with class and style. It is one of the few sedans that make a statement without saying anything. It has for over six decades.

Let’s see how the Chrysler 300 compares to the Genesis G80, Nissan Maxima, and Toyota Avalon.

 Chrysler 300
Toyota Avalon XLEGenesis G80Nissan Maxima
Number of Configurations
Engine Type
3.2 Liter V62.3 Liter Turbo Inline 43.5 Liter Twin Turbo V63.5 Liter V6
292 HP301 HP375 HP300 HP
260 lb-ft267 lb-ft391 lb-ft261 lb-ft
8 Speed Automatic8 Speed Automatic8 Speed Automatic
DriveTrainRWD Standard
AWD Optional
FWD StandardRWD Standard
AWD Optional
FWD Standard
Combined Fuel Economy
22 MPG
23 MPG
20 MPG
24 MPG
Interior Passenger Volume
106.3 cubic feet102.9 cubic feet
103.8 cubic feet96.4 cubic feet
Trunk Cargo Volume16.3 cubic feet16.1 cubic feet13.1 cubic feet14.3 cubic feet
Ground Clearance5.2 inches5.3 inches5.5 inches5.3 inches
Base Price$38,420$42,575$63,450$42,430

There are plenty of advantages the Chrysler 300 has over the Genesis G80.

  • The Chrysler 300 is known for attainable luxury with great performance.
  • How easy is the Chrysler 300 to use? Just look at the controls. Touch them, feel them. Easy!
  • Rear headroom is how you measure a sedan of its class and stature.
  • You can get a V8-powered 300S for much less than any Genesis G80.

There are plenty of advantages the Chrysler 300 has over the Nissan Maxima.

  • One of the few sedans to offer a V8 engine – adding performance to swagger.
  • As advanced as the Maxima is, the 300 offers better headroom both front and back.
  • The Chrysler 300 has the largest trunk between the two.
  • Our 300 offers the availability of all-wheel drive for better traction year-round.

There are plenty of advantages the Chrysler 300 has over the Toyota Avalon.

  • The Chrysler 300 offers a better, easier-to-use, and quicker-connecting infotainment system – Uconnect.
  • Then one thing you will find immediately on the Chrysler 300 – premium touches everywhere.
  • Headroom is where you will find the advantage in the Chrysler 300 – both front and back.
  • Need more power? Choose the Chrysler 300S V8. It has the power the Avalon wished it had.

When it comes to value, no one beats the Chrysler 300 – period!

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