Dear Friends of Rairdon Auto Group,

As an ongoing part of our “Culture of Care”, both for our customers and employees, we want to keep you updated on the additional measures we have taken at all of our dealerships to ensure the health and safety of our employees and our guests. We would also like to assure you that we always take the health and safety of our customers and employees seriously.


The actions we are taking are:

    • Disinfecting common surfaces multiple times per day, including phones, desks, counters, and keyboards
    • Disinfecting all employee and customer touch points multiple times per day (doors, etc.)
    • Disinfecting customer waiting areas and restrooms multiple times per day
    • Removed all complimentary food from our waiting areas
    • Employees will use latex gloves while in customer vehicles and replace them after each vehicle
    • Implementing a no handshake policy. We now do the ‘Elbow shake’ or ‘Foot High- Five’ as a fun alternative greeting.
    • Not permitting any employee that has any cold or flu symptoms to work or be present at our dealerships and politely requesting customers and vendors who appear to have such symptoms to return to the Dealership upon recovering fully from such symptoms.
    • Management closely monitors and confirms the employee’s recovery prior to return to work.

We are confident that due to our preparedness, and the additional policies and procedures put in place, that our stores will continue to be safe and will remain open for your business. We are now, more than ever, focused on your care and well-being as we service or sell you a vehicle, and we will continue to be committed to our Culture of Care as we face this challenge as one united community.

Thank you for your business and being a loyal customer to the Rairdon Auto Group. We look forward to best serving you.

Greg Rairdon